Interesting Forms

The classic neutrals in this house are beautifully applied. A lot of the time neutrals get a bad wrap as they can equal boring, but with texture and interesting forms the result is far from that.

Images via the taverne agency.


vosges paris said...

Marjon is a great photographer and I am loving the work on where she and AnoukB collaborated.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Manages to look so....boring! And to think I lived in a similar landscape for the past few years. No more. I have been liberated. Give me the Gwynn Griffiths amazing space.


Lol. At the end of the article it says she's painted it white. Oh well. It's change we want.

Looking Glass said...

The white frames above the bed head are beautiful.

~ Clare x

Pinecone Camp said...

Love the frames over the bed! Beautiful photography.

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