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Special And Lovely

I was as green as the colour of this combi when I had a catch up over at one of my favourite blogs recently. The aesthetically stunning, junkaholique.

I hadn't been past there for some time, so two coffees and lots of inspiration and beauty later, I came away with a real desire to go out and buy the first combi I could find.

It has been a little closet dream that has never gone anywhere, because the minute I murmur the slightest mention of it - my two boys veto the idea outright.

This very clever and creative couple really know how to camp (you should seriously take some time going through the archives and get a look at their tee pee) and they also really know how to decorate too (if you've never seen them, you'll be amazed at their sheds). So there was no surprise that in turning their hands to a combi, something really special and lovely was the end result.

If you're in need of a little nomadic day dreaming like I was last weekend - do go and put the kettle on. You'll be there a while.

All images from junkaholique


Far Away

Well, it's Friday here and I've made it through the week by the skin of my teeth. Why does the lead up to Christmas always have to be fraught with last minute projects and deadlines?!

So today - just some gorgeous images of a gorgeous far away place. Just to get me through.

Images of kenoa beach resort, brasil via yatzer


Are We Up For It

Are we up for a bit of Mykonos gorgeousness? I know I am. It has been so coldy cold, and rainy and miserable, and, and.. yeah, I'm not loving winter. So yes, a little mental vacation to a coastal idyll with white washed walls and amazing local stone work is definitely in order.

And it reminded me of one of my fave songs too...


Images from interiorzine


Back Lit

Do you fantasise about a gorgeous loft life like I do? Can be a little overwhelming when faced with this kind of stunning example. Love the raw fit out, keeping the brick, concrete and timber as the core of the place.

But the thing that really knocked me sideways with this place was the lighting design. The back lit cabinetry looks amazing and gives those original features such a soft spotlight of attention. Perfect.

Images from ask 4 home


Shiny Days and Birthdays

Well it's nearly that time of year again to indulge in all things shiny (I'm sure that's the unofficial purpose of NYE, and I'm sticking to it!), and these images are my kind of shiny. But before I get to that, there's another little celebration to acknowledge.

The Diversion Project turned 1 a couple of days ago, and in true third child form, I totally missed it! When this little project started all those days ago I would never have dreamed that it would turn into the blog it is today. (OK, well today, it is a little bit on the lonely side, but I have one more beach holiday location to get to and then I'm done. Promise)

Thanks to all for making this become something that is really so special to me, and I hope you've enjoyed the ride so far.

I trust everyone had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all a happy, healthy and inspiring year ahead!

Images by mark eden schooley


No Hurry

Here is the up-front disclaimer. I love my children, I do. I adore them.

But don't you ever just look at a quietly elegant space like this and dream of a little peaceful life sans enfants?? Me too. Just for a little bit, then I'd be looking for entertainment.

This peacefully pulled together look may have to wait until my two are all grown up and flown the nest, but it's timeless so there's no hurry.

Images from christian grevstad


Cinematic Soul

This home has a kind of cinematic soul to it that really captured my imagination. Although it was featured in a decorating magazine, it kind of screams exotic movie set to me, and I think that's a good thing. The romantic bedroom to the expansive views are just amazing.

And the double fireplaces, now that's just killing me.

Images from Casa


Elegance and Subtle

Understated elegance and subtle luxe finishes really are a killer combo when it comes to creating a stunning city home don't you think?

I'd love to be a bit more brutal in my home to have a simpler quieter look like this, but I know it wouldn't last very long. I shall just have to satisfy this part of my brain by admiring this kind of gorgeousness online.

Post edit: Thanks to Jo @ Desire To Inspire for letting me know that this is the home of Francesca Connolly, an editor at Remodelista. No wonder it is so beautifully put together!

Images from rees roberts


Love To


Black and white are doing it for me with this home. Not that they ever don't do it for me, but the gloss of the floor, the matt of the black and the way the light bounces off both is really lovely.

And that squidgy soft chair near the book shelves is just the place I'd love to be right now.

Images from nuevo estilo
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