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Tripping Through

This week I just loved these superb images that I saw at Oracle Fox. Seriously cool don't you think. And I seriously need to get myself a mega sequin jacket just like that.

Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend, full of fun and stuff. Thanks for tripping through these parts this week. As always it is pure joy.

And super big thanks to these lovely peeps...

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms Design


Roséline @ {this is glamorous}

All images from oracle fox


In Reflection

Rounding out a very busy week with some simple gorgeous beauty. The play of light on these pieces of crystal and glass, and the patterns shown in reflection, is just lovely.

This kind of calm perfection is a nice little breather for me. My day job is pretty intense at times, and sometimes it feels like sensory overload can be just around the next corner. How do you unwind and exhale?

Images from mixr


Quantity And Scale

I've always had a very soft spot for mirror. Mirrored walls, mirrored splash backs, mirrored furniture. But I seem to be collecting a great deal of images lately with mirror used beautifully.

So, why stop now. This home applies it in quantity and scale that makes me green with envy.

Images from nuevo estilo


Flickr Triptych

{click on image for detail view}

1. here, 2. here, 3. here


Flickr Triptych

{click on image for greater detail}

1. here, 2. here, 3. here


Aged And Opulent

The name of this store got me as much as these gorgeous pieces of jewellery did. They come from a store called Aged and Opulent2 which is home to a huge array of stunning vintage costume pieces.

The red lucite piece by Lanvin in the first image is high on my "don't need but must have" list.
Images from here


Hello Fabulous

These crazy cool pieces have totally won me over with their amazing colour. And talk about wow factor in over drive! 

Images from here


Miraculous Mosaic

I have to confess to spending a lot of time over at the site of Bisazza. Their mosaics are out of this world.

The colour coded examples of their work take you from one jaw dropping moment to another. But then I found the furniture collection, where they showcase all manner of fabulous things, including screens, wall panels that look like a wall papered wall with a working fireplace, and glamorous furniture. 

See that little hounds tooth check side table? Serious lust item at the top of my list.
Images from here


Paris Lookout

OK, so I've gushed pretty frequently about the last apartment I had in Paris and the view, but will you take a look at this?!!

What a thrilling little romantic hideaway, far above the City of Light. Can you imagine? I can -and dream, and plot, and wish, and hope.

When you look at the first image, note the detail of the clock face, and then look at the last image. Crazy huh?! I'm so in love.

Images from here


The Ladies Club

I love these feminine images. They made me imagine some kind of fabulous Ladies Club. Not the kind where we'd talk about the price of eggs, but the Old Establishment kind of club tucked away in a fabulous city somewhere.

The sort of place where you can take a room for a few days while in the city on business or to see the ballet.

We'd sit back and drink Gimlets and make conversation about terribly clever things. {and then we'd most likely fall down laughing and wetting our pants}

Images from here


The Marrakech Express

Morocco was on my travel itenary once during a trip across Europe that was going to take me down to Spain and Portugal also, but sadly it was cut as time ran out.

Ever since I've always hankered to get there. One day I will get there, but for now, seeing as it's Friday and the horizon opens to all kinds of possibilities on a Friday, let's jump aboard this glamorous Marrakech Express.

Images from here.
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