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Delight In

So, I know I've been a bit of a whinger about winter lately (or Oz's version of winter which could quite easily equal a disappointing London summer!)...

So I was happy to find this beautiful home, and delight in how lovely it would be to be rugged up in this place over winter.

The massive picture windows and abundance of fires would help no end.

Images from new york times


Into One

That old saying of bringing the outdoors in gets bantered around a lot, but this place really takes the biscuit in that department.

The natural and blackened timber are such stars in the construction of the home, but the openness of the structure allows the natural and blackened timber outside merge into one.

The double height living space creates a canopy of the sitting room and dining area, helped by the 'branches'of timber supporting the roof. Genius.

Images by patrick reynolds via contemporist


To Another

Following on from the white uncluttered look of yesterday, how about this stunner. It is the antithesis of yesterday's look, but isn't that the best part of being alive? Swinging from one extreme to another {and to another, and another}? Or perhaps that's just my Gemini sensibilities.

But seriously, couldn't pass up this place. The original flagstone floor, the early timber furniture, the stunning beams and brick work. It really is a slice of the good stuff.

I seriously love though the new clean white ceiling in the bedroom, sidling up to the expansive old beams. Really cool contrast.
Images from fri


Should Get On

I seriously enjoy Michael Mundy's blog, An Afternoon With. If you're not familiar, you should get on to that.

One of my favourites is this brilliant home of David Mann and  Fritz Karch. Two very talented men, with one beautiful space to live in.

And remember that I was banging on the other week about a current obsession with bedspreads and coverlets? Well add that black number into the mix.

Images from an afternoon with


Imagine If

I really like the sophisticated but individual approach in this home. It's seems very grown up, but certainly doesn't prescribe to a formula. Individual style is injected with textiles and art, and a collection of vintage and antique pieces.

But the main reason I gave this place some kudos was the very clever window coverings. They certainly got the scale and elevation just right. It's particularly noticeable in that first image of the bedroom. Imagine if they hadn't stopped to think about proportions, just how different that room would have looked.

Images from stadshem


Settle In

I don't know about you, but this place looks just like what I need right now. The country around the gorgeous Amangiri Resort in Canyon Point Utah reminds me of our aussie outback, so I'm sure I'd settle in very nicely, t.y.v.m.

I love how the resort fit out matches that simple rustic palette and calmness. Just sublime.

Well, as always it's been a brilliant treat to have you all head through this week, and super big thanks to these kids....
Ellen @ ANZU for sending me a beautiful box of the most exquisite stationary and candle, please do go check them out - their Day At The Beach candle is single-handedly saving me from regressing into a post-summer humpf

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms for having me over for a play date

Roisin & Miggy @ Twelve Chairs

Images via yatzer



I'm particularly loving the blue and green hues that this place is showing off. But with it's zebra skin, gilded Italian tole, cream vintage tolix and lovely art and books galore, it seems showing off comes naturally. Deservedly so.

Images from nuevo estilo
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