That Should Change

I'm always inspired by what i see at where they create. This home was no different. Apart from all the cool collections I really clocked on to the need for me to nurture a few more (a.k.a. just one would be a good start) indoor plants.

Although I work in a related field, and have a big garden that is a work in progress but with big intentions, I've never really gone for indoor plants. I think that should change.

Images by paul barbera via where they create


Anonymous said...

I seem to be detecting a real shift to more boho interiors. Houseplants, relaxed interiors, a little bit of mess, comfy cushions and color. I prefer hippie boho or glam boho rather than hipster mess interiors featured on...god, can't remember its name - you know lots of interior shots and the featured owners draw irksome little pictures at the end!

Could just be me! Have just redone after years of white walls, timber and black - still kept the timber and touches of black but introduced some moody blues and purples and plants - cannot tell of the lift it gives me.

The latest Elle Decor UK has a 'Natural Look' feature which pretty much was my look. Have to say to me now looks boring and lacking vitality.

Anonymous said...

Me again. You might like this - you can never have too many houseplants:



Julienne said...

I love house plants....just a pity I can't keep them alive!!!!

Jay said...

Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to go through all of the spaces she's photographed.

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