Brilliant Addition

That first image really struck a chord with me. As someone who is new to pool ownership, I still can't get over what a brilliant addition to our lifestyle it is. The not thinking twice about having to load up a car and head to the local neighbourhood pool, or pack the sunscreen and the kitchen sink for the beach. Because even though I've always lived quite close to both, so the travelling has never really been a massive chore, the ability to just wake up and walk out the back and jump in is one of the greatest joys there is!

I also really like all the vintage-ness going on in this home, but that fireplace is making me seriously kick myself. Big time. I was this > < close to buying a fireplace like that for a song a few months ago for one of the Splendour's outside patios for the very same idea - a bit of late summer evening fire side delight. But decided that I should direct the money elsewhere as it wasn't a ''must have'' it was a "want". Damn that was silly. Oh, and did I mention the one I was going to buy (for peanuts really, it was CHEAP) was 100% beautiful burnished copper?! Yes, crying into my coffee right now.

Images from la times 


dustjacket said...

Don't you just want to kick yourself, been there done that :(

brismod said...

Nooo! Hate when that happens! xx

Kerry said...

Another one will surely come your way bloss :)

Julienne said...

There is obviously a nicer one waiting around the corner for you when you are really ready!!!!
Oh I miss having our own pool, there was nothing better than a swim just before bed on a hot night, so much easier to get to sleep!!! xx

newbuild said...

I had one of those copper ones growing up - truly retro...next time!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

ah, the ones that get away... If you've sound two, you're sure to find another, and maybe it will be in that fabulous red!

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