Do I Have To Say It?

....The C word that is. I don't do I, you're with me, you know why I love this place. All time fave material shown to such greatness here.

I will just add the detail that really grabs me is the ledge, that sometimes becomes a bedside table, and a sofa, and then a shelf is seriously cool. A vein of clever design.

Images from nuevo estilo


Sarah Klassen said...

Haha, you would LOVE my house then... the only place there is not the "c" word is in the library, dining room and hallway... the rest is "c" :)

This place is fabulous, by the way... thank you for sharing!

katrina - dot dot dash said...

i am in love with these spaces
I known it shouldnt be said, but i just love the concrete and its texture here.
x kat

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