Presence Felt

This artist's home has a look I really like. Open, light and with a shot of texture and colour that softly makes its presence felt.

 The detail of the papered shelving really grabbed my eye. I'm currently playing with the idea of a Moroccan pattern for my entry. I doubt I will ever commit to wallpaper, but maybe  stencilling may make a come back in my repertoire of skills.

Images from femina


A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful paper behind the shelves, you are so right. I want to do it, too. will we ever have the guts? donna

Pinecone Camp said...

Oh, the kitchen and bedroom are just perfect! As for wallpaper, I'm with you. It's so hard to commit, but it seems I have no problem buying wallpaper. What's wrong with me?

Jay said...

wallpapering seems like a daunting task. stenciling seems more do-able.

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