Actually Quite Fancy

I used to have the biggest chair crush on the good old faithful Breuer. They were on my wish list for the perfect house I had in my head around the age of 16.

Seeing that first image made me realise that I still actually quite fancy them. I see them around from time to time, often going cheap. Perhaps I should rekindle the crush.

Oh and another thing - I think white gloss paint and I should become friends.

Images from journal de la maison


brismod said...

I'm looking at all the indoor plants and then I glance back at mine thinking they are being abused under my care. Amazing bathroom.xx

LINDA from OEKE said...

I fell in love all over again with my tiles I am going to use for our main bathroom after seeing that kitchen floor. Love. Love. Love.

Sarah Klassen said...

I LOVE the kitchen and the last two spaces most of all... that floor, too—it is amazing!

mise said...

I've developed a mental alert for white gloss paint as well - I went right off it for years as it used to turn a little yellow, but I guess paint technology has moved on. All my eggshell surfaces are quaking in their boots.

Jay said...

Those tiles on the floor are sick!

Kimberly A. Chambers said...

I loved it! It's really quite fancy. I would love to have some furniture, see here and hope to get great match with above tiles.

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