The Mix Of

The mix of glamour vintage, modern pieces, and raw fit out of this loft is pure inspiration for me. It's nice to see it work.

Unfinished concrete floors (aka rip-up-the-crusty-old-carpet-sweep-mop-and-you're-done approach) teamed with some old school glamour vintage items like the bench used at the dining table and those steel planters in the bedroom is really working for me.

Cleverly supported by a white out of paint (which I'm resolving myself to more and more everyday), clean unfussy windows and some vibrant art, this look looks pretty bloody good on.

Images from sunset


David Toms said...

Glamour vintage and modern are always a good mix. I like the fact that people have enough imagination to do this, instead of sticking to one particular style.

Blue Fruit said...

Oh this one has got me bad! Absolutely fabulous mix of things, in just the right doses. Not too precious, and not too industrial either - glamourous pieces on an unfinished concrete floor....glamourpuss purrfection.
My bags are packed. When can I move on in?

Tammy Burks said...

Of all the spaced you've put on here, this BY FAR has to be my favorite.....love, Love, LOVE!

Amanda Hill said...

Really great mixing of styles and texture. I have always wished I lived in a loft...maybe someday :)

melissa loves said...

*sigh* why oh why can't you live right next door? Hmm? I ASK you! :) And yes, those planters in the bedroom are killin me. sigh....

Kelly LaPlante said...

I just discovered this post. I am the designer who created this loft (and lived in it!) Just wanted to say hello—always lovely to see people who like the work.

Warmest regards,
Kelly LaPlante

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