A Spot Of Night

This home has a plethora of gorgeous lights doesn't it. But I can't help but think that that many Tom Dixon copper's might be just a tad overkill for a spot of night time reading.

Never the less, the limed floors, white walls, and solid dose of black are doing it for me. As always.

Images from femina


Just Martha said...

That round glass one is very interesting isn't it? Would like a closer view to really have a good look

brismod said...

Maybe they can send one of those Tom Dixon lights over my way...? Do love those floors. xx

Pinecone Camp said...

Love all the lighting action going on here. I do love the Tom Dixon fixture, but I wonder if I'd get sick of it after a bit. Hmmm.

KL said...

Love theb pics and agree with you entirely!

melissa loves said...

eep. ack. those coppers never, and I mean NEVER, get old! :) Gah, I love them so!

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