Gorgeous Material

So you know concrete and timber are a given with me, but have you gleaned yet how much I admire and adore corten steel?

We use it a lot in landscape architecture for art work, structures and signage, but this residential application is seriously making me wonder how I can fit this gorgeous material into my nirvana of materials at the 60's splendour.I have concrete - check, timber- check, painted white brick - check. But sadly, no corten.

I do however love the injection of it in the garden space here, in the garden beds and as a sexy weathered skin to the pool. Filing this away for the time in twenty years when the interior of the 60's splendour is finished and I then turn my attention to the garden. Perhaps a fire pit area is on the cards.

Images from interior zine


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

i want that pool and the gorgeous peace-inducing space around it!

KL said...

These pictures are so peaceful! Lovely!

Majid Ali said...

Please help me for Christ sake.

Blue Fruit said...

I eagerly await to see just how beautiful your garden will be in the new pad - I think it will be nothing short of gorgeous. Corten steel or not.

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