No Exception

I never tire of poking my nose into other people's homes. And this v.cool place is certainly no exception.

Loved the collected treasures in this home of Sharon Ainsberg spotted over at The Coveteur. Her mix of vintage, timber and velvet is a look quite close to my heart. And if she ever wanted someone to take these two lamps, the leopard pouch and the shoes off her hands, you know, I'd be happy to help sister out.
Images from the coveteur


Amanda Hill said...

Poke away! I adore that black and gold lamp!

mise said...

I'll have the embroidery, Jules, as I don't want to trespass on the things you've claimed already.

melissa loves said...

Hee hee ha ha....and I love the embroidered piece! Anyone with a sense of humor is a-ok by me! :)

Looking Glass said...

Hahaha! How hilarious is that bathroom tapestry? Teehee!

~ Clare x

tableandtop.com said...

Love these photos!!

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