I have frocks on my mind at the moment. There's a fancy shmancy awards dinner/gala ball coming up soon for work.

And as is every woman's curse, I have nothing to wear. If I wasn't watching a football game in the rain today, I'd be off shopping for a frock. But for now, these lovely 50's numbers caught my eye.

Oh how fun would it be to go back in time to an era when these darlings graced every girl's wardrobe. There's a gorgeous collection at The Vintage Studio.

Thanks to one and all for your patience and best wishes over the disconnect week. So glad to be back on track again, and looking forward to bringing you some lovely Diversions! Hope you're having a v.cool weekend.


KL said...

What a stunning collection of dresses! These remind me of 'frocks' my Mum wore. I wish I had that requisite 24" waist!

Sarah B said...

They're lovely, aren't they? Very lady-like. My pick would be the last one :)

Kerry said...

What KL said. Maybe when I give up sugar LOL x

mise said...

They are utterly beautiful, and very much frocks rather than mere dresses. I'll have the third (charcoal) please. How soon can you send it...?

design traveller said...

Glamorous :)

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh it wouldn't be hard to look good in these, I love the structure of them and that light blue is gorgeous.

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