A Bit Of That

...I had to pop in before retiring for the evening to say, shazaam we have connection.

Well actually, I eventually sorted a mobile connection for the laptop for work/banking/boys' homework type scenarios. But, I must be set in my ways, because cruising interiors doesn't really work for me without a monitor the size of a small apartment.

Looking forward to a lazy morning tomorrow, catching up on the gorge. Speaking of which, this loft is a bit of that isn't it.

Hope all is well with you.

Images from marie claire


David Toms said...

I would like all of it, not just a bit!

Sarah Klassen said...

Too funny about the computer... as for this place, love so many elements, especially the library and breezeway! Both are so incredible.

Hope you have a fun weekend planned...
xx, Sarah

La Feem said...

Glad you're back!

Love the chandelier, love that kitchen!!

Have the best weekend!


I second that comment about the chandelier. It's gorgeous!

melissa loves said...

oh...WOW. This loft is some crazy beautiful goodness! So sorry you had trouble with your connection and so glad all is back and right with the world! I am in love with all of the detail in this space and the drama...wow. Thanks for this, a great shot in the creativity area for today!

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