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The last time I had a good look around Blik, was some time ago when I was considering getting some Pac Man decals for one of my boys' bedroom.

Had a sneak around there last weekend and was really taken with some of these new designs.

They've teamed up with some great new designers and the outcome is amazing. New collaborations include the monster cool team at Third Draw Down, whom I've mentioned before. They've brought to the world of decals, the incredible talent of Aussie artist David Bromley.

Man I wish my boys were still young enough to let me determine what went on their walls! They've kept all the original choices I made, but there is the stray Warhammer and motocross poster creeping in. My word.

Back to Blik...I'm loving the doily mats, the faux bedheads and the tarted up Ikea chairs. So much to love, go take a look see.

Images from here.


Marina said...

What amazing wall art ... I'd never heard of Blik before and just checked out their website.
Thanks for sharing Jules.


Julienne said...

Jules thanks for visiting (I like Jules...I get it too!) but now you've done it again...I have to go and look up blik! It's not a blog world its the never ending story!!!!!! Great to meet you

Jacqueline said...

Hi Jules,
Many thanks for popping over to see me looking at all of the goodies I have won !!!! haha. I did win them all over quite a long period of time.
I love the red iron bed and the chairs and I must get the Learn How to Break Dance thingy !! Haha I'd probably do myself a mischief !! XXXX

Kelle Dame said...

Im heading over to the blik site right now!! I love the red bed!!!

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