Tea Towel Treasure

I was given this lovely tea towel last Christmas by a dear friend, and I'm crazy about it. As you can imagine, it's never been used for its intended purpose. It is beautifully printed and has little sections of embroidery detail to it.

It's from the very cool Oz company called Third Drawer Down. Great name for a business that started out in tea towels, they've now branched out to all sorts of great things. I suggest you go and take a gander.

Where do you keep yours? I'm a fourth drawer down girl myself - maybe that shows the emphasis I put on drying dishes! Thanks goodness for dishwashers.

Image from Third Drawer Down.


Hila said...

That's the most unique tea towel I've ever seen.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

It is really lovely Hila, very Norman Lindsay.

It is in my pile of things to get framed, just need more time and maybe a few more walls wouldn't hurt either!

jules :)

Jenn said...

So pretty. I've recently started collecting tea towels, but I almost never use them for washing dishes!

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