Pretty In Pink

I was really taken by this collection of pink inspired images on Mark Bolton's site. He has a collection of images in several other spectacular colours too.

I'm not typically a pink kind of girl, but I have to admit that whenever I see something pretty and pink, I experience a kind of Pavlovian response!

All images from here


Knicky Knacks said...

That last shot with the fruit bowl and pink flowers has given me a lovely idea. We have the exact same pink flower (its name escapes me)that is a creeper and has climbed the full length of an old upright tree trunk. Its flowers are prolific all year round. I think I'll start to use some of them to compliment some of our interiors. A fruit bowl is a great start!

Tina said...

These are my favourite collection of pics EVER!! Love everyone of them Jules!! Gorgeousness everywhere:) Have a great Sunday ~ Tina x

A Room For Everyone said...

I'm really drawn to the colours in the third image..cool dark tones with the hit of warm pink..Rachaelxx

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I'm not a pink kind of girl either but these pictures are beautiful.

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