This One's Going Straight To The Pool Room

Now this is my idea of French farmhouse living. It might not be a Chateau, but man it brings the pretty, and who can say no to that.

Oh I would hop over in a heart beat to live among those light fittings and papered walls (and the pool room is nothing to sneeze at either. For the Aussies reading this - imagine if this was your pool room to send everything straight to!).

And I'm loving the potted foxgloves, a flower I grow every year, but never before in a pot. Inspiration found.

p.s. the lovely Shelley over at Femme de Monmarte has the same Lido print from the mantle in the image above available at her esteemed establishment, Galerie Monmarte. Head over to Shelley's blog for a close up look at the saucy Lido minx - she's gorgeous!!

Images from here.


A Country Farmhouse said...

Hi Jules, It's beautiful. Every room offers a sense of tranquility and harmony. Love the high ceilings and how all the items seem so personally chosen. And I so aspire to be brave with wallpaper one day -it's so charming! Trina

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh yeah I can see why you sent this to the pool room along with the franklin beer mug and burnt matchstick frame.

It's dreamy,

Kellie Collis said...

I adore that room full of Designers Guild!

Marina said...

I love all the different wallpaper ... especially image 3.
Plus that gorgeous chair in the pool room!

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