Camping Out

I'm not adverse to camping (still love 5 star any time it's available) - but yeah, I can camp.

Have never camped like this before though. Is this not the most insanely stylish little big tent set up you can ever imagine?

This doesn't sit though with my - 'who left the tent pegs out of the bag???!!!', suffocated by miles of fly screen that won't untangle, finding a rock right under where you've laid your wafer thin mattress, wearing the same clothes five days running - style of camping; but maybe one day, when I grow up.

Images from here.


captain kk said...

now that's what i call camping in style! yes please :)

Elie's Papel said...

i'm not much into camping but this looks actually very nice...

Tina said...

I would certainly go camping if that is how it would be!! Too gorgeous:) ~ Tina x

A Country Farmhouse said...

Hi Jules, Now that's my style of camping! Of course, I've never come close to that - ever. Perhaps because I always opt for cute little cottage over crummy old tent. But I could change my ways if camping looked like that! xoTrina

Kimberlee said...

That ain't camping honey - that is 'glamping' - love it.

and yes - the mac where all of the computer is in the screen - i feel like ben stiller in Zoolander where he goes "it is IN the computer?!"

But I am exercising a lot of restraint - currently banging away on the keys of my broken laptop, that led to the insurance claim, that led me to getting the Mac. I'll keep you informed as to how I go. It doesn't come out of the box until the new kitchen is in action. I have a special spot for it xx

Dustjacket Attic said...

As soon as I saw the first pic, I'm thinking...can I get away with this on the Easter Weekend Annual camp fest...it's compulsory!

I can hear the derogatory comments now from the my diehard compatriots!

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