The Pinhole Rebel

So the name alone makes me want to love this thing, but the whole project is v. cool.

This is the Rubikon Pinhole Rebel, a pdf kit you can download and print off in order to create a pin hole camera. I remember trying out pin hole cameras in science class many moons ago and it was incredibly satisfying. Look at the style of image you can produce, what's not to love.

Adding this one to my 'what to do with boys on the school holidays' survival kit.

Head over to here for the download and some history.

All images from here.


Mlle Paradis said...

Great project, great post! Did I mention I loved your last post too! The kitchen......(sigh).

A-M said...

Oh fantastic. Love it. Over there now! (even though I am supposed to be studying...hmmmm) A-M xx

Brabourne Farm said...

Pinhole photography has got to be one of the most beautiful types of art that there is! There's something so magical and atmospheric about these images - it's such a shame it's not more popular. Gorgeous post - thank you. Leigh

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