Good Thing

Totally, head over heels in love with this home. Love the colour, love the details, wish that man'o'man could that family room please be mine...love it all. Also love the canteen style serving bench in the kitchen - wish I had one, would make feeding time at the zoo so much easier.

The owner of this home is obviously one very switched on creative chick - the bed, fabulosa yes? Well, get this, the owner made it herself from MDF board and then covered it with those gorgeous tiles. The lamp in the living space.....some old bog-standard standard lamp, to which she added a tutu. Genius-nous.

OK, so now I feel like a DIY leper, but at least I know a good thing when I see it.

Images from here.


Tina said...

Jules I LOVE this house too! I love how creative the owner - something that I always admire:) Loving those enamel candle stick holders - made me sad as I had a small collection of white ones that were in a packing box that mysteriously 'went missing' when we moved...:( Nice to see some coloured ones though:) Have a lovely weekend - Tina x

Anna said...

Jules...very unusual indeed...I love how eclectic is it..a mix of colours and styles...works well in this space x

Mlle Paradis said...

Gorgeous! Yes, I too wish I were so inclined to DIY with MDF and tiles. As long as I do not leave the sofa, I'm a genius at it!

A-M said...

So pretty... perfect colours.... really livable! A-M xx

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