The Buffet

These incredible images of the ever stunning creations of Louboutin are by Peter Lippman. I really love the styling of this work, just so over the top, so luxxe and so beautiful.

The detail of the styling is really quite something else, so please click on the image for a larger view. Each one tells such a story.

Images from here.


Tina said...

Love the styling of the images Jules they are so detailed:) BUT how about those shoes!! If I could guarantee I wouldn't break an ankle, I would choose any of those Louboutin beauties:) - Tina x

Ann Marie said...

really amazing! how fun would it be to come up with such lovely things. thank you for sharing these images...inspiring.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh shoes, food and pretty things, cannot go wrong.

Aimee said...

my goodness, the shoes are always the centrepiece aren't they?


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