Kettner's is a famous bar and brasserie in Soho London that's.....had a bit of work done, shall we say. The artfully skilled surgeon is Ilse Crawford, whose work always makes me stop and look.

It originates back to 1867, and has been well known for its regular succession of the rich, famous and fabulous, including Oscar Wilde.

The facelift looks sensational, no? I wish I could head there for an after work Friday drink, but not only does it have a champagne bar; it has a pudding bar, a brasserie with fabulous copper pans and a fabulous apartment. Well now, that's a tick in every box.

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Anna said...

Gorgeous..wish we had more bars like that here is Sydney...very chic!

Lisa said...

Love this place. Wouldn't you look forward to Friday even more if this was your local?

Marina said...

I read about its facelift a while ago!! I must go and check it out ... thanks for the post!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh gosh I love picture 2, save me a place :)

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