Something Similar


I really love a look in people's homes that don't seem like they've been styled within an inch of insanity, and this place is one.
Such a great, warm, vintagey family space. And that bathroom is providing me with a few ideas for our up-coming bathroom renovation. I've been pondering the storage options, and seeing that pigeon hole shelf has made me wonder if I couldn't do something similar with a few pieces I have.
And I do love a subway tile. I had ruled them out, because after all my 15 yr old son is doing this bathroom renovation (school project) and I want to go with a tile that is forgiving of a novice tiler, but they're hard to beat for style aren't they.
Images from apartment therapy

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A Perfect Gray said...

that's one amazing school project your son is going to do. you lucky, gal, you.

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