Back On The Radar

I've always been a sucker for good black + white, so no surprises when this place caught my eye.

Seriously jealous of that mercury glass jug, and this bedroom has put the pia wallen blanket I've ummed and aghhhed about for so long firmly back on the radar.
*having serious connection problems this week, apologies if there
are any problems with the images, flying a little blind at the moment*
Images from inside homepage


dustjacket said...

Oh that owl is so funny and love the deer cushions. Some great black & white inspiration!

Hope the weekend was good to you xoxo

Glamour Drops said...

it's funny how as soon as the weather turns, this monochromatic type scheme appeals more to me...must be the cosiness of it all, with the rain drip, drip, dripping outside my window....hope it's warm in the west....

hong kong property said...

that first image really got me! i love eveything about it:) black and white rooms are always so classy

PREM SINGH said...

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