Gone For It

This home had some very cool details that I loved. First off, that leather armchair - I've been scouring the second hand sites looking for one exactly like that. Wish I could copy and paste it here at the Splendour.
The partition between the bed and the dressing area in the bedroom is such a great idea. It doesn't close in the space like a stud wall would, but allows the bedroom space to be a restful space without all that clutter.
Loving the little shelf straddling the bath, it reminds me of this one I've posted before. I just need the bath to be installed as part of our renovations, and I'm installing one of these with a glass of wine the first night!
And then I also think the scale of that art work in the living room is sensational. With enormously high ceilings like this, you can cut loose with hte scale of art. And I love how they've gone for it.
Wonder if they want a house sitter?
Images from bolig magasinet

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Angela Steyn said...

Stunning space - I also love the whitewash floor boards and the rug... heavenly combo!

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