I know that Aussies really have no right to complain about winter - BUT, I'm tired of winter! The cold, damp, gloomy weather is really affecting me.

So this gorgeous spread above is like manna from heaven. The clean open space with smooth hard surfaces - no carpet to warm cold toes needed here. The stone staircase doesn't look cold at all with it's light steel balustrade, it seems to hover beautifully.

And then the jewel in the crown, that view and that pool. Jealous.

Images by mikkel vang via vogue living


Glamour Drops said...

Really??? I adore winter in Australia. It means fabulous clothes, gorgeous coats, tall knee length boots, good shiraz, dinner parties by the log fire, all rugged up at the MCG to see the footy, and galleries, theatres and restaurants galore. What's not to love?

dustjacket said...

Oh Lord Jules...know what you mean, I feel bad saying that though, cause our winter is mild compared to other countries :o but it still sucks.

Love this place, feels warm and homey..I'll hang out there with you, we can warm out feet in front of that cool fire!

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