Bright Horizon


These lovely tops are the brightest thing on my horizon this morning. Aren't they cool?! Fabulous colours, I'd happily take one of each. These gorgeous hand dyed silk numbers were found over at Meg Milo.

My horizon is a bit flat this morning after a late night with my youngest at hospital, this time with a fractured arm. I think we should be able to collect frequent flyer points - especially if skate boarding stays big in our house.

Twas a bit of a slow week at the project this week due to my work/life commitments at the moment, but  I was able to catch a couple of people to thank.

But as always, thanks to you too for stopping in. I'm always chuffed that you do.

Special thanks this week go to....

Izabella @ Remodelista

Larie @ Eye Heart It

oh, and thanks to all for the birthday wishes. what a treat x

All images from Meg Milo


dustjacket said...

Jules those tops scream summer ;) soon!

Hope all is okay with the young one.

Sarah B said...

Oh dear, a fractured arm - ouchy. Sounds like a very unfun Saturday night.
The tops are so lovely - I must check out the link.
ps thanks for your comment on the wardrobe. I have to say there was a lot of bossinest, but I enjoyed it. I will mostly likely take the no paint advice :)

Larie said...

Oh, thank you! :) I love your blog, it's always filled with beautiful things and thoughtful commentary.

Lela said...

They look like ice cream as a shirt. Love it ;-)

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