Getting Closer


Sorry for the lateness, Sunday has slipped through my fingers today. Have been getting really bad headaches lately, so my bed and I have been getting closer.

Thought I'd share one of my fave tunes of late - Lazuli by Beach House. Suits my mood perfectly today.

Hope you're having a super brilliant weekend and getting a chance to take it easy. Thanks for dropping in this week - and apologies that I haven't been keeping a close eye to thank anyone in particular for the Diversion love. But thanks!


dustjacket said...

The whole weekend has slipped through my fingers!!

Hope those headaches get better, may need a checkup hon xxx

Glamour Drops said...

Headaches - eeks - have you checked it out with a doctor. My husband has been getting increasing headaches, which turned out to be caused from spending too much time bent over a pc, blackberry, iPad, etc. A bit of physio, change of posture and the headaches are disappearing. Who would have guessed that? I hope yours is something similarly straight-forward.

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