Friday Affliction

Wishing to escape is a typical Friday affliction right? It's not just me is it?

This place hasn't helped calm the flight response this morning. Imagine the peace there must be at this amazing little coastal shack in Uruguay.

So simple and so enticing.

Images via door knob


Glamour Drops said...

Now normally, this would look fabulous to me. Has all the elements which I like.

But this morning, with a chill breeze in the air and grey skies around, this just looks a little wind-swept and cold. Funny how the weather influences how a place looks! And for the northern hemisphere readers, I bet this looks just gorgeous.

Mise said...

I love this one: it looks so sun-bleached and still. I can imagine a guitar propped in the corner with a bottle of Tequila.

La Feem said...

Holy cow! What a dream.....

Pinecone Camp said...

That would be a very happy little hide-away. I will fixate on it for awhile now.

ele said...

I follow ur blog since 2 years or something like this and I'm from Uruguay. When I look the second pic it sounded so like home, and it was!
Hope u can spend one summer here.

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