To Another

Following on from the white uncluttered look of yesterday, how about this stunner. It is the antithesis of yesterday's look, but isn't that the best part of being alive? Swinging from one extreme to another {and to another, and another}? Or perhaps that's just my Gemini sensibilities.

But seriously, couldn't pass up this place. The original flagstone floor, the early timber furniture, the stunning beams and brick work. It really is a slice of the good stuff.

I seriously love though the new clean white ceiling in the bedroom, sidling up to the expansive old beams. Really cool contrast.
Images from fri


dustjacket said...

I love the feel of this place (and the look :)

Jules said...

Love every one of the floors and would love a cobblestone floor but perhaps not a good idea with my disastrous lack of balance!!!!! xx

La Feem said...

Love this house!

Looking Glass said...

Ooohhh! This place is magnifique!

~ Clare x

Sarah Klassen said...

A stunner indeed! Love love love… you had me at the first image! x

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