Not Sure How

Apart from the stylishness of this house which caught my attention, the bedside lamps really gut hooked me. And then ripped the hook out sideways.

You see I think I mentioned that I had ordered some replica Tolomeo wall mounted lamps for my bedroom in the Splendour. What excitement there was, just had to wait till February to get them (4mth back order apparently). Sure, fine, for the bargain price, I could wait. February rolls around and out the door again. No lights. So I shoot off a "hi, just wondering if you forgot my order, can't wait to receive it" kind of email, only to be told they won't ship them until they have enough orders for them to actually order them in themselves, which could take another five months!! {{and add to this, the lights are no longer listed on the website for sale, so not sure how they are expecting more orders to come in}}.

Totally down on the whole deal, I cancelled it. So here I am devoid of my Tolomeos and really peeved that a store would advertise stock, and take orders for stock, and show the stock as being available now on the website - if they have no intention of delivering! {{yes, Matt Blatt, I'm looking at you!}}

Rant over.

Oh, and cool womb chair and amazing view hey?
Images by bruce buck via new york times


kat @ dot dot dash said...

how horrible!! such a shame, well worth a good rant!
amazing home that you shared though!
x kat

Pinecone Camp said...

Ooh, that is a cheeky way to do business. Sorry to hear about that. I love those lamps too...I'm hoping to get a pair for our spare room one of these days. I better start saving my pennies.

brismod said...

That's an omen. Something better will wing its way to you no doubt. xx

classiq said...

Lack of professionalism, you encounter it everywhere unfortunately. How beautiful those kitchen built-in shelves with the colourful cups and plates look!

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