Special And Lovely

I was as green as the colour of this combi when I had a catch up over at one of my favourite blogs recently. The aesthetically stunning, junkaholique.

I hadn't been past there for some time, so two coffees and lots of inspiration and beauty later, I came away with a real desire to go out and buy the first combi I could find.

It has been a little closet dream that has never gone anywhere, because the minute I murmur the slightest mention of it - my two boys veto the idea outright.

This very clever and creative couple really know how to camp (you should seriously take some time going through the archives and get a look at their tee pee) and they also really know how to decorate too (if you've never seen them, you'll be amazed at their sheds). So there was no surprise that in turning their hands to a combi, something really special and lovely was the end result.

If you're in need of a little nomadic day dreaming like I was last weekend - do go and put the kettle on. You'll be there a while.

All images from junkaholique


dustjacket said...

I'll be going over...could make easter camp off more stylish!!!!

I love the combi set up, so retro cute.
xxx enjoy the weekend hon

dustjacket said...

They are just adorable and so talented...I love those delicate opaque diamond rings.

plaits and paisley said...

Escape in a kombi sounds good right now!

La Feem said...

This is the only way I like to camp. xo

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