Boo Hoo

I have severe bruising at the moment from kicking myself. Hard.

There I was Thursday lunch time scouring Gumtree for the last few minutes before I knuckled back down to it, and what should I find but this incredible original wall unit listed. Best bit, it was going for free. Yep, that's right FREE. And to put the icing on the cake, the owner had already disassembled it and had it neatly stacked ready for collection.

The ad was fresh, just listed. I was just about to pick up the phone and put dibs on it, when I had to head downstairs for a meeting. Damn it all to hell and back. And sadly an hour or two later, it was gone. Oh this would have been splendid in the Splendour. But I guess it was not to be. Boo hoo.

So how has your week been? Brilliant, I hope. And thanks a lot for making The Diversion Project part of it. As always, I'm very glad that you do!

And big thanks this week to....


Sarah B said...

Oh no, that's bad luck. Boy, work and work meetings have a lot to answer for!

Mise said...

Boo hoo indeed, but at least I can confirm that it wasn't me who took it. I just wouldn't have done that to you.

Maybe it was one of your blog fans who plans to turn up at your door with it and surprise you...?

dustjacket said...

What a total bummer!

Kerry said...

That is a very sad story for a Sunday morning :(
It just means something better is waiting for you I'm sure.

brismod said...


The Moerks said...

Major bummer!!

Julienne said...

That is just too, too sad!
Now I have just wasted half an hour on gumtree!!!! fun place not been before!

Makeminemidcentury said...


That was an amazing wall unit. What a shame. You poor thing, I can completely feel your pain.

(Maybe the original 'taker' falls through?)

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

oh bloody hell, jules...no room at chez la femme, so i would've lived vicariously through you had you not had that damn meeting!!! hopefully there's something better for you soon?! x

Karena said...

Oh no Jules!! I just know that another great wall unit will come up for you!!

Art by Karena

audrey and addison said...

Bummer! Hopefully something just as fabulous is around the corner.
Michelle x

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