Requires Attention

This place hit me on a few levels, each of which requires attention.

Firstly the wall mounted Tolomeo made me remember that I have some on back order for my bedroom. They're meant to arrive in February - well it's February now, where are they?! Inane task of chasing them up is required.

The rich velvets in the living room made me think I should put recovering my wing chair a bit further up the priority list. (why is there no priority list fairy that comes and leaves a blank cheque btw?!!) Juggling the priority list to make it accommodate nice things as well as the necessary is required.

And finally that timber and mirror vintage bedside table just completely gut hooked me. How ridiculously beautiful is that. Hours scouring the ether to find out where/how/who/how much is required.

Images from nuevo estilo


La Feem said...

I want that hot pink chair!!! xoxo

Bromeliad said...

I like the intense color in a few places.

Pinecone Camp said...

That bedroom is killing me. Love it so much. As for the velvet business, it's making seriously rethink a certain chair in my office.
have a great weekend!

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