As If It Were

The individuality of this home is seriously appealing. The art and collected objects all gel together as if it were meant to be.

But the little seed that this place has germinated in my head is - why is my shed full of steel shelves when they look so good indoors?

Images from sweet home


Kerri said...

Fabulous stuff as always sweet - and that studio shot is great. Straight to my Pinterest board for inspiration - you definitely have a knack of sniffing out the good stuff :)xx

Julienne said...

Ohhhhh....I am trying hard to declutter and then you come along with this and that is just so not fair!!!!!!!!
I don't even like birds much!!! and those white chairs...what can I say I just need them in my life!!!!
My only answer is to keep coming back here to take a peek every now and then!!!

Pinecone Camp said...

I'm thinking the same thing! Love those steel shelves out in the open. I'm attacking my garage this weekend. ;)

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