This Coolness

I love to get to snoop around people's dressing tables, it is just so cool to see all the little collected treasures and prized pretties that people have.

This one really caught my eye. I'd be rather happy to have a sliver of this coolness going on.

Images from vogue paris


Sarah B said...

I love a snoop as well :)
Those lady head figurine thingamies are cool and I love the pretty colours with an added tough edge. Very cool!

dustjacket said...

Oh cute...I've just been looking at those lady head vases on ebay...I know I have a problem with ebay, okay it's an addiction!

Have a good one Jules,

mise said...

Oh those figurines! I would even be willing to dust them, or supervise their dusting as I sipped my champagne and tinkered with my pearl-backed brushes.

the old boathouse said...

Yes I so agree lots of drool worthy goodies.

plaits and paisley said...

Jewels definitely shouldn't be hidden......unless they are the really expensive kind of course!!

La Feem said...

Love all these images, super cool indeed. xo

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