Hello, how's everyone's weekend rolling? Smoothly I hope.

Thought I'd quickly show you a little project I ticked off the never ending list. With the temperatures here up in the 40's for days (to be clear, that is centigrade btw!!) I've been indoors without any excuse to walk past little jobs like this waiting to be done.

First achievement was packing away the remnants of Christmas - so the tonne of baubles that have been living in those three little thrifted parats have been put away for another year. I know, not really a biggy in the achievement stakes, but I had to talk it up to convince myself to do it!

But the main achievement was taking one of my under $10 thrift store picture frames and converting it into something worth showing. This big frame had a very 80's collection of maroon and orange tulips, which has now bit the recycling bin. I ordered this great print from Society6 a while ago as it was perfect for this frame, and an image I loved. So, new white mat and some gloss white paint on a hot day later, and there's a lovely big addition to the entry hall of the Splendour.

Now, taking things a little further and really styling the hall up would be good, but I don't want to be labelled an over-achiever now do I? I think it would be a good spot for another parat that I bought recently, from the v. cool Lived In Coogee, which I currently have in the fireplace. And a new coat of paint for the table that I inherited from my great aunt would be a good thing too - colour suggestions?

So, are you ticking anything off your list this weekend? A blog related "tick off" for me has been to figure out how to set up a facebook 'page'. I had a Diversion account before, but it wasn't a page, and I didnt realise I could convert my account to a page... (Yes, I am really am that IT limited). Anyway after all that faffing, I found out shortly later that Facebook now wont allow blogs to feed automatically to Pages. WTF is with that?! Dumb stuff. So now it seems that everyone that liked me then, now likes me twice, and I have a useless Page on my hands. Too hard!

Anyway, thanks for listening to my waffle and thanks for stopping in this week!

And huge thanks to these cool people for some Diversionary link love....

Images by the diversion project


LINDA from OEKE said...

Heh Jules. Love the paint job. I have quite a few daggy old frames that are similar. I have just printed out some posters and put them in the boys rooms. Now I think you've inspired me to paint and reuse somewhere else.

LOVE the tilt shift pick you chose. I've been practising how to do tilt shift in photoshop and it's been quite fun (hard but fun). Many many steps to go through. Would be easier with an actual lense but good things take time don't they.

(-: re: the link .. and right back at ya. enjoy the sun today. hot isn't it. I'm indoors after a full day at beach yesterday with my first case of sunburn in about 4 years. doh!!!

dustjacket said...

Oh know what you me re facebook, I'm not sure what I'm doing with mine!

Love the print and frame makeover, I have a frame hanging around in the shed I've got to sand and paint...keep putting it off!

xxx dj
next camp-off...easter!

La Feem said...

Love the project and good job on the FB page. xo

Anonymous said...

I have so many jobs to tick off the list at the moment but have been working so much I have achieved zero. I love that print - one of my favs!

Caviar on Mars said...

Love the print, love the blog, this is such a good find!

la la Lovely said...

which size print did you order???

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

i got the 22 x 22 darl. But i'm thinking i must have bought it during a sale or something as I only paid $35 for it according to the receipt.

They do have good sales from time to time, like at the moment they have free international shipping, so i;ve placed another order ;)

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