Splendour In December

Hi, just popping in to figuratively empty the letter box and water the plants ever so quickly. How did Christmas treat you? Hope you had a fabulous time with friends and family. My day comprised of swimming, champagning and oystering. Some of my favourite things to do.

Being captive on holidays with no deadlines to meet has been bliss so far. And I've found myself pulling out the camera a lot more than I usually do. So I thought I'd share with you a little snippet of life at the Splendour this December.

Nothing majorly new to report on the renovations front, just minor bits. The slightly out of vertical wall by the pool has been fixed (you can just see it behind the glamorous pool blanket). Next thing is to paint the whole wall charcoal. Oh and the old pergola with roman columns at the back of the house has come down to make way for my favourite relaxation spot on the bubble sofa (with some bubbles of course!), and the two old kerosene heaters have been ripped out as well. The fire place in the lounge room is now resplendent with just its copper trim (which sadly still needs a clean, but oh well, it's holiday time). For a look at some vague 'befores', go here. Seems weird calling them 'befores' when we're only taking photos of 'interims'.

As you can see the days are busy by the pool, watching Xmas stocking DVDs when it is too hot to swim, unearthing prints that need to be framed and enjoying a few quiet moments in the house when they present themselves.

Hope the quiet moments are finding you too over the holidays!

Images from the diversion project


Shelley Trbuhovich said...

just can't help yourself, can you gorgeous?! blogging is in your veins. thanks for the snippets into your christmas. happy new year, 2012 is going to be so great, i can feel it.


dustjacket said...

Love looking at your snaps Jules, gorgeous flowers by the way.

Have a great New Year hon,
xxx DJ

Kerry said...

Ah, you sound so relaxed...as you should! So lovely to see some glimpses of the Splendour. I'm loving your fireplace to bits. Hope you do lots more relaxing bloss. You certainly deserve it. Here's to the most wonderful year ahead xx

brismod said...

Loving your home Jules. I'm very familiar with the interim shots! Enjoy the holidays and all the best for 2012! xx

Sarah Klassen said...

Hello Jules,

Sounds like the perfect Christmas day to me—very lovely! Just stopping by to say hello and also, to wish you a very * Happy New Year * —it has been wonderful sharing in inspiration along with you, and I look forward to much, much more in 2012 :)


Raj Gupta said...

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Bromeliad said...

Looks great.

Always sounds funny to me for summer in December. I'm so Northern Hemisphere-centric.

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

Splendiferous indeed Jules! Hope you're spending many a happy hour around that pool which looks so great with the bubble club sofa and that lamp. Enjoy your holiday, and happy 2012. Can't wait to see each and every progress report. Amanda xx

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