Onto The Right Thing

Places like this keep confirming I'm onto the right thing with my new approach to colour. White, white and white. I've always been a grey, grey, and grey kind of girl. The 60's Splendour was screaming though for some white (of the antiseptic quality) to bring some freshness into the old girl.

But I was concerned that it might look a bit too vast and a little clinical. But places like this one above keep confirming for me, if you have enough warmth in your pieces, and you have enough of them (I certainly qualify there), then all will be well and inviting.
Images from bolig


Pinecone Camp said...

This house is pretty fantastic. It's so warm and inviting even with all the white. Yes, it can be done ;)
Oh, that dining room....

David Toms said...

The splashes of colour and dark furniture in places stop the clinical feel.

Sarah Klassen said...

It's very true! I've painted my space a greige, a muted lavender, and now white. At first, I thought it was too cold, but once I began to add color—warm color—it completely changed, and now I enjoy the purity of it very much :) Nice inspiration!

Hope you are having a great start to the new week,


La Feem said...

Totally agree, white with warmth is so lovely!

Thanks for the TPS love!

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