Look Twice

Is it because I've recently thrown around a massive tin of white paint that I'm drawn to this kind of saturated colour lately? Or maybe its just that its so cool. I'm going with that.

These images seemed very Designers Guild-ish to me, that blend of citrine greens and purples that looks so brilliant when done well. But the left of centre combination that I really like here is that brown shade in the first image and the teal cushion along with a shot of orange. It works surprisingly well, and I like it when I have to look twice.

Images from marie claire


Anonymous said...

I'm loving these strong colours at the moment, something more vibrant than white. That first image is fantastic with the purpley brown and teal.

Gild and Grace said...

These colours work really well. I wish I had the guts to do something so bold!

Abbey x

La Feem said...

Love this last shot, the yellow wall is fab! xx

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