I must confess I have a nerdish admiration for task lighting. Man, even the term "task lighting" is stellar. It is, right? You feel it....don't you??!

OK, I may be out here on my own on this one, but I am totally won over whenever form = function, and task lighting just seems to be the nirvana of that state of being.

Case in point the lights in this kitchen. The task lights over the bench are aesthetically my favourite part of this home, but they're there to form a really usefull function. For me it's kind of bonus round points.

Images from el meuble


Design Junkie said...

I'm a fan! I used a Tolomeo wall spot in my kitchen. I love the look and the function!

Meta Musings said...

great photos! i love how the task light in the these interiors do not feel "office-y". xx

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