Softest Time

I collected this place because I'm loving that rug in the living room. The 60's Splendour has concrete under carpet in the formal living area {I really need to find a new term for that room!}, and I'm itching to rip it up and see what shape the concrete is in. I even dream about it as I'm heading off to the land of nod at night. Bit weird huh.

Anyway, in these dreams, or visualisations, the concrete floor has a beautiful patchwork rug made up of the softest time worn kilims.

Oh, and the rest of this place is pretty cool too though right. How about that roof top terrace with even more pallet coolness.

Images from mi casa


Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

How about "the lounge" ? Sounds like a place where secrets are shared over good wine... There's that wire pendant light agin - it's haunting me! I'm going to have to try and make one of those...

Jane @ the girl in the brick house said...

Yep, love it all - especially that 'outdoor room' or should I just say deck? I like Anee-Marie's suggestion of 'the lounge' - that's what we called our one and only 'living space' growing up - that was before my parents discovered open plan living!

La Feem said...

Nice rug for sure, you will get yours. Love the deck and love the mattress on the ground, that's what I do, I think beds take up a lot of space and my sleeping area is small, glad to know I'm not alone in the world..

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