A Story

Now, here's a story. Many, many moons ago I was a young slip of a thing who went off to play her cello in America for a year. I stayed with a lovely family and got to see and do some pretty amazing things.

After returning to Oz, I got caught up in final high school years and boyfriends, and part time jobs and first cars {as you do}, and sadly lost touch with these great people.

I tried from time to time over the years to look for signs of them in the old town where we lived, but with no luck. And then one fine day, thanks to Anne Sage and a lovely post that she did, I stumbled over Reed.

Reed Davis was my host brother all those years ago, and what a big brother he was. Back then he was already a very talented photographer, and professional fun maker. Oh, the things we did. Music videos, cooking, photo sessions in the lounge room most weekends. It was a ball of fun.

So I was not surpised to find out through reconnecting with him that photography had become his profession, and a really stellar one at that. To say I'm thrilled to be back in touch with my second family again is a complete understatement. And to say that Reed is a good photographer is one too.

The boy is brilliant. Seriously. The way he seems to capture light and make it sit exactly where it should be sitting is genius.

You seriously should get aquainted with his work. I've been thrilled to have a chance to.

{{And if you ever see a fondue set and a girl with a crazy hair do appearing in his portfolio, please do tell, 'cause there will be consequences! And you know what I'm talking about Reed! : ) }}

All images courtesy of Reed Davis


Sarah B said...

What a marvellous story! How great that you could reconnect again and boy, those photos are fabulous!!
Have a great Friday :)

melissa loves said...

Oh, that is SO fantastic mate! I love those folks you meet along the way, that mean SO much to you & then you get to reconnect with them. And you are right....his work is gorgeous. You know what else? I love that so many of his subjects are smiling or having a great time.
That says so much about him, for me. Love it, thanks for sharing this beauty! I WISH there was a shot of you! :)

brismod said...

No way. How great to be able to find them again! I particularly love that first image. Just beautiful.

David Toms said...

Jules, what a fabulous story, and how wonderful that you have got back in touch! Many years ago I too was an Exchange Student just out of high school, and low and behold through Facebook have connected with many old friends!

Blue Fruit said...

One of the joys of the modern world of communication! What a brilliant outcome, and you are both much the richer for rediscovering the connection.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh how fab...see, the upside of the internet addiction pays off! Ha ha.

Just adore that first shot.

Hope you are getting ready for a nice weekend and that the weather behaves.

Mise said...

These are absolutely wonderful photos, BUT we also want to see the fondue set, and, if you don't mind, the girl with crazy hair.

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

great story. Nice to learn more about you. and WHOA, gorgeous photos!

Dreamy Spaces said...

That fireplace is so cool. A little grandiose, but pretty amazing nonetheless.

captain kk said...

what a wonderful story! x

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