Fully Committed

Orange is seriously growing on me. I have kind of admired it from afar before, but images keep catching my attention, and it's because of the orange.

I especially like it in this pad, as a solid shot, in the couple of armchairs. Cushions would be good, but it's not a biggy, you can easily swap them out for something else.

I think ornage is the kind of colour that expects, no, commands you to be fully committed. Write the cheque, put down the plastic, pay for the leather. Live it, own it.

Do you live it and own it?

Images from skona hem


Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Orange is a beautiful cheerful color, so is this home

Kerry said...

I'm a colour girl. This is one of my favourites from you bloss :) For a minute there though I thought this house was in Orange the town! Nope :)

Blue Fruit said...

It's one of those colours which instantly make people smile when they enter a room - even if they don't actually LIKE orange, or want to have it in their own home.

I adore it - in fact I have 2 orange velvet sofas and 3 orange velvet armchairs which came from an old Victorian mansion in Ballarat - last upholstered in the 1950s...complete with orange fringing. Oh how I love them! They are crazy good!

Bree Oliver said...

I love the lines of the starcase in that image.

David Toms said...

Just the right splash of orange can lift any room!

Heather B said...

Does anyone know the photographer of the black and white photo above the fireplace? I have seen this before and I really want that picture.

Heather :)

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