What Are The Chances

Let the concrete pour. That's one of my motto's. Can't get enough.

So I thought I should share this awesome project that I stumbled across in my get-prepared-for-demolition-and-renovation-days search this weekend. This clever couple poured their own concrete bench tops.

Massive kudos to them. But I did notice that they were using a specific bench top mix. Too good. What are the chances you think of finding that stuff here in Oz? Not too sure about that, but I'm going to head off on the look out for it.

There's a good summary of the process here, but for a 3 step tutorial to coolness head to Imperfectly Polished for all the deets. (look under July 2011).

Well, I hope everyone is loving their weekend as much as I am mine. Thanks for all the visits and the comments this week, it's been a real treat!

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