Inspiration Came My Way

Inspiration came my way this morning via the v.cool Jennifer of Odette New York. If you haven't checked out her blog or her gorgeous jewellery before, you seriously have to.

Jennifer is currently by the sea, and I'm dying to be the same. I live but minutes from the sea, but Jennifer's images reminded me of the joys of summer living by the sea...late afternoons, shells, new nail polish.

Oh summer, please come soon.

All images from odette new york


Sarah B said...

Lovely pics. Yesterday was like summer here in little ol' Tassie. 19 degrees!! Real summer will be here before we know it :)

melissa loves said...

I know.....seriously. Everything Jennifer puts her hands to, comes out golden. Her jewelry, her photography and her style. She has fantastic taste and her pics seriously are amazing. sigh....I want to be by the sea too....( oh, and she is a sweetheart, can't beat that, right?) :)

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