These Cool Two

I guess you can tell, I love interiors. Right? But I also love really great fashion images, and these seriously got my attention. Possibly because the colours and textures are ones that I would love to see in an interior!

Hope you all are having a seriously great weekend and thanks heaps for joining in the fun this week. And big thanks to these cool two....

Naomi @ The Design Manifest


Images via Oracle Fox


Summer and Eve said...

Oh yeah! I like them too. The jacket in the first pic is gorgeous and the wallpaper in the last pic is very cool. x

Sarah B said...

Hi Jules, I like the first the most as it's nice and moody. Not a fan of the fur in the second :)
Thanks for your lovely comment about our sweet Charlie x

melissa loves said...

ABSOLUTELY....they would make for killer interiors. Love your style, my friend. Love seeing other views of what you love. :)

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