Heaven Naturally

This weekend was so cold I was frozen, literally. Could not bring myself to move (further than 2 metres away from the fire that is!).

So this gorgeous white washed, sun bathed slice of heaven naturally caught my eye.

And yes, to all my mates in the northern hemisphere, I am completely aware that I sound pathetic - it doesn't even snow here! But cold is relevant right?

Images from marie claire


vosges paris said...

This feels like summer!
Hope all is well Jules ;)


Summer and Eve said...

I hear you! We had a cold weekend too. In Brisbane by the way. The Queenslander home is not made for winter. Although when I left the house and took the pics (on blog) at the top of by street, it got really warm in no time.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh Jules...as I was saying to another aussie blogger...I'm SO Over Winter! Winter and me do not go together.

warm hugs ;)

Tina said...

I hear you, Jules! I am over winter, now.... Thanks for sharing these lovely sunny pics, they certainly warmed up my morning:) Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

La Feem said...

Heaven is right and yes its all relevant, just had that convo yesterday! Just cuz its not below freezing does not make 40 degrees at night during the winter in SD warm! xo

melissa loves said...

Ack....that last shot is killing me. Would love to be there right now. Ah yes, cold IS relevant. Listen, when you grow up in a "always warm" climate...any bit of cold is freezing! It was that way in Fla. growing up...when it got below 60 degrees F everyone pulled out there parkas! :)

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